WhitePixel helps advertisers extend the reach of their retargeting ad campaigns. At the same time, WhitePixel creates a new revenue stream for publishers, bloggers, and domain owners.


Advertisers pay to place their retargeting pixel on sites in our network. This allows advertisers to increase the number of relevant impressions of retargeting campaigns in Google, Retargeter, and other networks.

Sites in the WhitePixel network are categorized by keyword niche, traffic, and demographic reach. See a Sample Category List.


WhitePixel lets you reach a customer base that you're unlikely to have an opportunity to "touch" otherwise. With WhitePixel, you can turn interest into intent by reinforcing your brand quickly and intensively.

What does it cost? How much can I make?

Prices are set by the publisher and reviewed by our team. On average, a site with 100,000 unique visitors in a specific niche will earn/cost $375 per month. See Sample Pricing.


Traditional retargeting only lets you 'pixel' visitors to your site. We asked- How can we target more of our audience?

Enter WhitePixel. Now, when your targets visit related websites, they will pick up your retargeting pixel and your campaign can follow them around the web.

You will be able to choose specific publishers for your campaign, and find only the most relevant to your target audience.


Publishers use WhitePixel to Increase their monthly revenues without doing any work.

By hosting a line of code, WhitePixel lets Advertisers 'pixel' your visitors. That means each unique visitor to your website is now earning you money.

Perhaps best of all, your site and user experience is unchanged. That means no change to loading times and no flashing banner ads. For lack of a better word, it is invisible.